Can enterprise search get any worse? – It appears that it can

By Cate Evans posted 10-03-2014 07:42

By Carla Mulley

Since our software is primarily used to improve search results supporting any search engine, enterprise search challenges are near and dear to my heart. It seems enterprise search is getting more complicated and increasing the angst for disgruntled users who still can’t find anything. We now must address the cloud, hybrid environments, Office 365 (or similar applications), and for Microsoft fans, OneDrive for Business. BYOD has caused numerous headaches as has smart phones and tablets. More and more business users are either out of the office or work remotely.

The problem is two-fold. Originally, way back when, business users couldn’t find what they were looking for within the enterprise. The other side of the problem now, is that users don’t know where to look, meaning the physical location, they must have the correct security for remote access, and they may be using multiple devices to communicate. Now they must contend with both problems. The end result is a direct impact on productivity. If users are truly spending 10 hours per week searching, it’s not tough to figure out the costs in lost productivity. I can imagine that this becomes a massive headache for security professionals and IT administration. Not only do these professionals have to enable physical access, but they can also be held responsible for the business information that is being accessed, saved, and stored, on a variety of devices.

We have a client rolling out Office 365 to 70K users. They have spent several years just in the planning. I think enterprise search has become a lot more complicated. What do you think?


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