What Questions Would You Ask When Purchasing an Auto-classification Solution?

By Cate Evans posted 05-30-2014 12:11


I recently had to create a PowerPoint presentation on classification for Records Managers for one of my technical/sales colleagues. One slide, provided questions they could ask a vendor that was under evaluation (of course, highly weighted to what we do provide). I am seeking input on what else you would ask for in an auto-classification, records management or general auto-classification system. I would like to put this into a more formal deliverable. I would also appreciate a ‘non-vendor’ presentation of questions to ask. So very much appreciate a moment of your time.

Here’s what I have so far. I can publish the results once compiled, if it will help someone who is looking for an auto-classification solution.

  1. How often should a drive or repository be indexed for new content?
  2. Does the system need to perform in real-time?
  3. Should old content be re-classified to determine if it should be classified according to a different category?
  4. How are classification errors solved?
  5. Should the user have the ability to override the classification assignment?
  6. Who should manage the system – IT or Business? Or both?
  7. How long should on-going management take once the taxonomy is in place?
  8. Can end user involvement be eliminated in regards to manual tagging?
  9. How does the system handle vocabulary and/or language ambiguities?

I would appreciate a question or two. Thanks for your input.

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