eMail Security in the Cloud – are you afraid (I am)?

By Cate Evans posted 04-22-2014 08:30


Social – the cure all to productivity, instant communication, effective collaboration. Are you on board yet? I still read conflicting accounts about the adoption rate of ‘social’ within an enterprise. I think the tide is changing but still caution exists from upper management, and studies have shown that business users are very reluctant to change.

eMail is beloved by all – or hated. But either way, I don’t think any of us would admit that we could totally live without it. In an article by David Roe in CMSWire, ‘4 Ways to Overcome Your Fear of Moving Email To The Cloud’ he cites a study by Dell that revealed some interesting results. The Dell sponsored research called ‘The State of Corporate Email‘, was based on a survey of 202 IT professionals that are responsible for corporate email systems in enterprises with more than 1000 employees.

There were two key insights that I found interesting. The first is that 81% of enterprise users consider eMail their most valuable collaboration tool. So much for social. Try prying email out of the hands of these business users.

The second insight showed that the principal obstacles to moving to the cloud remain the same: availability, security and data loss. In regards to security, 80% of organizations were not considering a move to Office 365 because of the security issue and vulnerability of eMail in the cloud.

What are your feelings about making the push away from email, or putting eMail in the cloud? Agree with the findings?

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