Search And You Will Find - Where Is Enterprise Search?

By Cate Evans posted 10-02-2013 08:48        Carla says:  Being in the search business for too many years to count I have seen the focus on enterprise search as an organizational priority ebb and flow. For years it was all the rage and then slowly took a back to seat to the buzzword du jour. From a client perspective we have seen a resurgence resulting from the overabundance of information that for the most part is never used because it can’t be found.

Many organizations do recognize the importance of search and will change their search engine, often more frequently than is necessary, others just try to make do with what they have. But the reason for deploying a new search solution is not necessarily to obtain new search features, but to improve the relevance and accuracy of information retrieved from an unorganized morass of content.

Some organizations are beginning to recognize that search is not a stand-alone technology or application, but needs to be integrated with business processes and corporate objectives as a key infrastructure component.
What is the status as an organizational priority today and what new value does enterprise search bring to the table? Your thoughts?

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