The Challenge of Cloud – Data Privacy

By Cate Evans posted 08-20-2013 04:26   Moving to the cloud has tremendous potential, cost savings, achieving ubiquitous access, and the list goes on. There are concerns and we hear them every day, that put organizations on the fence. One of the primary concerns is data privacy issues. We have a client with 170K end users scattering the globe. Does moving to the cloud make sense? In the case of this client they are going to be using Office 365, so of course it does. That’s pretty much of a no brainer. But we also understand that with 170K users someone, somewhere is going to use the cloud for storing information that could cause potential privacy/confidential exposures. Although it is no different than posting confidential information internally to a non-secure repository or web site, the exposure risks are greater in the cloud.

Although our software detects and secures any organizationally defined confidential information as content is created or ingested, not everyone uses our software or wants to. That’s fine. But for your organization, if you are moving to the cloud, or are using the cloud, what is your approach to ensure that confidential information, regardless of where it resides is protected from unauthorized use and access? More of Martin's Blogs

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