Information Governance – Nice idea but we really don't care

By Cate Evans posted 04-09-2013 08:06


As a vendor we push the importance of information governance, not that we sell information governance just provide technologies that help. So information governance is something we believe all companies should be taking the time to thoughtfully plan, deploy, and manage.

The link between information governance, E-Discovery, and litigation support are closely intertwined. We have a very large client who was burned to the tune of billions (and billions) of dollars for not having an effective information governance plan (or even a plan at all). A pretty hefty price to pay.

In a recent research report by 451 Research, ” E-Discovery and E-Disclosure 2013: The Ongoing Journey to Proactive Information Governance” the results indicated that only 32% of senior management felt that information governance was important. It appears we are not all on the same page here.

For the sake of conversation because I am obviously on the wrong track here, is information governance important to your organization? If so, how did you deploy, is it working? Do you feel that the enterprise is better able to face litigation, E-Discovery, and compliance issues? Or are you like the other 68% that really doesn’t care?

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