Interview with an ECM Master Student

By Carl Weise posted 10-19-2012 11:12


Interview with an ECM Master Student

Carl: Hello, I want to thank you for allowing me to interview you and for the record, can you provide my readers with some insight as to who you work for and with a description of your role?

Student from Minnesota: I am an IT Systems Analyst for an energy distribution company in Minnesota

Carl:  When did you get the idea to make AIIM Education part of your training focus and what were the drivers for the decision?

Student from Minnesota: I became aware of the ECM Master designation offered by AIIM.  I looked into the course offering and knew that the material would be valuable to me in my role at my company. I am confident that the designation will help me to get more credibility within my organization.

Carl:  What do you see as a benefit for you and future attendees of these programs?

Student from Minnesota: I found the course to be a thorough, yet encapsulated, summary of the various aspects of ECM.  One can easily go from relatively clueless to relatively bright in a week!

Carl:  For the future, how do you see the role of AIIM education evolving in relation to you and/or your customers?

Student from Minnesota: The classroom setting was excellent.  The course content was comprehensive and there were good discussions among the instructor and the students.  The practical examples and advice given by the instructor were also very valuable.

Carl: Is there anything else you might want to share with our readers related to AIIM Training and how it has been of benefit to you and may be of benefit to them?

Student from Minnesota:  I found the course material to be a perfect balance between functional and technical information.  It was excellent training for how to effectively plan and evaluate ECM needs for any organization.  The course contained instructor-led course material along with group exercises that got us thinking and applying what we had learned.  I will consider AIIM training courses in the other topics as I need it.

Carl: I want to thank you, for taking time to talk with me and for sharing your valuable insights and perspectives with our readers.

I will be speaking at the following events:

October 23rd- 26th, 2012  AIIM ERM Master class in Toronto, Ontario Canada

November 13th– 16th, 2012  AIIM ECM Master class in Amsterdam

December 4th– 7th, 2012  AIIM ERM Master class in Amsterdam 

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