Interview with an AIIM ERM Master Student

By Carl Weise posted 05-25-2012 15:43


Carl: Hello, I want to thank you for allowing me to interview you and for the record, can you provide my readers with some insight as to who you work for and with a description of your role?

Student from Calgary, Alberta: I work for a bank in a prairie province in Canada.  I am leading the newly developed ERM department and needed a better understanding of records management for current effectiveness and future developments.

Carl:  When did you get the idea to make AIIM Education part of your training focus and what were the drivers for the decision?

Student from Calgary, Alberta: The technical lead for our ERM system was familiar with AIIM and aware of the training courses that AIIM offered.  The training department recognized that the course would be valuable for members of our various businesses and bringing together staff with similar, and supporting, roles across the businesses and functions, and consolidating our thinking, was very good.

Carl:  What do you see as a benefit for you and future attendees of these programs?

Student from Calgary, Alberta: What really got my attention was the importance of metadata and taxonomy (a classification scheme).  When evaluation our current structure (very new) and adding future business areas, we need to ensure these are used in the best way possible for our business users.  I obtained insights from the course material that I want not have received from any other sources.  I also gained the realization of the importance of both managing emails properly and the impact of social media.  The course material gives me a much broader perspective to the records and information that needs to be properly managed.

Carl:  For the future, how do you see the role of AIIM education evolving in relation to you and/or your customers?

Student from Calgary, Alberta: Our current primary focus is on electronic records management.  The course did provide a lot of information and provoked a lot of thought on the subject.  Once we mature, we certainly will be looking at AIIM’s Taxonomy Practitioner course and its Social Media governance course.  The ERM Master course was very comprehensive in addressing: What is ERM and How you Implement an ERM Environment.  The case (group) exercises allowed us to piece the information we learned in the lectures together.  The many examples that were given were also very valuable

Carl: Is there anything else you might want to share with our readers related to AIIM Training and how it has been of benefit to you and may be of benefit to them?

Student from Calgary, Alberta:  This is excellent training.  We need to focus on getting the business owners aware of this information and getting them educated on the various topics.  The whole idea of information governance is new to us and certainly should be a central theme for anyone working in records management.

Carl: I want to thank you, for taking time to talk with me and for sharing your valuable insights and perspectives with our readers.

I will be speaking at the following events:

  1. June 5th– 8th, 2012 AIIM ERM Master class in San Francisco, CA
  2. June 12th, 2012 Info360 ECM Practitioner Pre-Con in New York, NY
  3. June 19th – 22nd, 2012 AIIM ECM Master class in Houston, TX


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