An ERM initiative is Not a One-Time Project

By Carl Weise posted 03-16-2012 15:38


Impact areas of an ERM Program include:

Development of Records Management

  • Develop and maintain ERM instruments (classification scheme, metadata model, security classification)
  • Monitor adherence to ERM procedures (for example, audits)
  • Disposition reviews – archive/destroy records
  • Information program and technology support – user support (floor walkers)
  • In a large organization, these activities may need several dedicated teams
  • In a smaller organization, Records Management may come down to a few individuals

New Ways of working

  • Consider the impact on how staff do their work
    • Where do I save my records?
    • What do I do with emails?
    • How do I share records?
  • Develop Process Models and review them against the ERM system’s capabilities

Acceptance by users

  • Affected by the design of the system
  • Consider the end user first, then develop the system

Business Processes

  • Opportunity for business processes to become:
    • Faster
    • More secure
    • Paper free
  • Opportunity for process improvement through ERM and associated tools such as:
    • Workflow and Content Management
  • Real opportunity for financial benefits
    • But generally under-exploited

Web Content Management

  • Consider internet / intranet / extranet
  • Ensure rigorous adherence to the content standards and styles
    • This can be done by defining suitable 'styles' and adding templates to the organization’s word processing application.
  • Then automate the process

Change Management

  • Importance and cost of Change Management
    • Far more ERM implementations fail because of inadequate resources allocated to change management than any inherent faults in the system or any other aspects of the environment
  • Consider in particular
    • Senior management endorsement
    • Communications
    • Training
    • Helpdesk and User Support

Benefits in small and large organizations

  • Benefits of ERM linked strongly to level of adoption
  • The wider the scope, the greater the productivity benefits
  • Roll-out to small and large organizations may be different
    • Incremental approach
  • Ensure all hardware / software decisions conform to the standards

Constantly evolving delivery channels

  • All channels (including PDAs, mobile phones and tablets) have implications for ERM
  • Evaluate how information is created and accessed
    • E-mail message to smartphones
    • SMS (Short Message Service) text message to mobile phone
  • Now and in the future!

Tell us about your efforts and success in changing the way your organization manages its records and information.

How have you developed your program around your ERM solutions?

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