Data Leakage Prevention

By Carl Weise posted 12-23-2010 14:17


WikiLeaks is certainly getting the attention of politicians and company executives.  How safe is our information?

Preventing data leaks and protecting proprietary and confidential information is starting to get a lot of attention.  They join compliance, effectiveness, efficiency and business continuity as drivers for sound records management programs.

It is important that we manage our organization’s technologies and networks, but what about our people and our records?

We saw from the Electronic Discovery Reference Model,, that the first step in an efficient and cost-effective approach to eDiscovery was having a sound information management environment (policies, people and technology) in place.  In the very same way, a good information/records management system in place will help make us better at protecting our records and data.

Corporate policies are critical to have in place.  Having records management instruments (classification scheme, metadata model and security structure) developed and in use, which allow us to use structure to manage the chaotic information and records in our organizations, and by having records management professionals on board to both develop and manage these instruments for records, and non-records, is critical.  There are sound records management principles which have been developed over many years and technology that can enable us to create an environment where our information is better protected. 

For the coming year, as we talk to management within our organizations, we should be emphasizing all of the solid business drivers for having a strong records management (or whatever you want to call it) program, including protecting proprietary and confidential information within our organizations – preventing data leakage.

What are your thoughts on this subject? 

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