An ERM initiative - a long-term Commitment

By Carl Weise posted 06-10-2010 20:00


Impact areas of an ERM Program Include:

Development of Records Management

  • Develop and maintain ERM instruments
  • Monitor adherence to ERM procedures (for example, audits)
  • Disposition reviews – archive/destroy records
  • Information Hubs (‘iHubs’) – user support (floor walker)
  • In a large organization, these activities may need several dedicated teams
  • In a smaller organization, Records Management may be a part-time

New Ways of working

  • Consider the impact on how staff do their work
  • Where do I save my records?
  • What do I do with emails?
  • How do I share records?
  • Develop Process Models and review them against the ERM system’s capabilities

Acceptance by users

  • Affected by the design of the system
  • Consider the end user first, then develop the system

Business Processes

  • Opportunityfor business processes to become:
  • Faster
  • More secure
  • Paper free
  • Opportunityfor process improvement through ERM and associated tools such as:
  • Workflow and Content Management
  • Real opportunity for financial benefits
  • But generally under-exploited

Web Content Management

  • Consider internet / intranet / extranet
  • Ensure rigorous adherence to the content standards and styles
  • This can be done by defining suitable 'styles' and adding templates to the organization’s word processing application.
  • Then automate the process

Change Management

  • Importance and cost of Change Management
  • Far more ERM implementations fail because of inadequate resources allocated to change management than any inherent faults in the system or any other aspects of the environment
  • Consider in particular
  • Senior management endorsement
  • Communications
  • Training
  • Helpdesk and User Support

Benefits in small and large organizations

  • Benefits of ERM linked strongly to level of adoption
  • The wider the scope, the greater the productivity benefits
  • Roll-out to small and large organizations may be different
  • Incremental approach
  • Ensure all hardware / software decisions conform to the standards

Constantly evolving delivery channels

  • All channels (including PDAs, mobile phones and Blackberries) have implications for ERM
  • Evaluate how information is created and accessed
  • E-mail message to Blackberry
  • SMS (Short Message Service ) text message to mobile phone
  • Now and in the future!

Tell us how you achieved new ways of working (WOW) in your organization? 

What were the greatest hurtles you faced in doing so?

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