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Accelerating Efficiency by Leveraging Alogent’s Full Suite of Process Automation Solutions

By Cameron Marks posted 26 days ago


More than 15,000 bankers use AccuAccount to streamline a variety of credit and loan management processes—everything from document imaging to collateral tracking and audit preparation. It’s a powerful tool, especially when paired with FASTdocs, Alogent’s enterprise content and information management solution.

Why should your bank or credit union consider implementing FASTdocs alongside AccuAccount? For financial institutions looking to retire legacy systems, consolidate vendors, and reduce paper-based workflows, FASTdocs offers a number of efficiency-boosting features. Simplified cold reporting is a good example.

Let’s take a closer look at how AccuAccount users can achieve new efficiencies with cold reporting in FASTdocs.

8 Reasons to Pair AccuAccount’s Loan Management with FASTdocs’ Cold Storage

Tired of reporting delays and tedious processes? Limited capabilities within your core solution? Here are eight reasons to move your financial institution’s cold reporting to FASTdocs.

  1. Closer to real-time data: Asking staff to wait until the end of the day for cold reports creates bottlenecks and delays. Alogent’s solution utilizes real-time processing (instead of batch processing), enabling near-instant availability for team members across the financial institution.
  2. Electronic reporting and markup means less paper (and fewer highlighters): Cold reporting is notoriously paper-intensive. With FASTdocs, there’s no need to print hard copy cold reports. Team members simply log in to view electronic reports and access fresh data. Staff can perform color-based markup within FASTdocs—no printing is required.
  3. Electronic redaction: In addition to marking up documents, staff can electronically redact information from FASTdocs reports. Securely exporting and printing redacted documents is fast and easy.
  4. “Search within” functionality: Foraging through dozens of paper documents for a $1 discrepancy can be incredibly time-consuming. By using the “search within” capability in FASTdocs, staff can quickly locate transactions and other information with a simple “Control”+”F” keyboard command.
  5. Flexible purging options: A large bank or credit union may generate hundreds or thousands of cold reports every single day. Some reports may be useful for a month, while others have a longer lifespan. FASTdocs empowers financial institutions to efficiently purge documents in alignment with their policies.
  6. Automated notifications: Accounting, finance, and operations are just a few of the teams that rely on cold reports. FASTdocs can automatically notify team members when their reports become available, thereby reducing unnecessary administrative effort.
  7. Intuitive experience: FASTdocs was built specifically for the needs of financial institutions and their employees. Daily work bundles make it easy for team members to find their preferred reports with less clicking.
  8. Available in the cloud, on-premise, or hybrid: Whether you prefer a local installation of FASTdocs, a cloud-based approach, or a hybrid environment, Alogent has the experience and know-how to deploy our software in alignment with your technology strategy.

See What FASTdocs Has to Offer

Enhanced cold reporting is one of many reasons to pair FASTdocs with AccuAccount. Take a tour of Alogent’s enterprise content and information management solution suite for banks and credit unions. Learn how our solutions can help you build and maintain a stronger digital ecosystem.




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