#infochat - Automating Information Governance

By Bryant Duhon posted 05-29-2014 18:10


We’ve just released our latest Industry Watch report, Automating Information Governance. Join report author Doug Miles and his partner in all things AIIM research, Bob Larrivee, for an #infochat focused on the report, governance, storage issues, life, the universe, and everything.

What’s the big deal about governance? Records exist in electronic form all over the business, often well beyond the reach of the traditional custodians. So we now need much wider “Information Governance Policies” to ensure that our corporate information (and our customers’ information) is secure and is easily located. In particular, businesses are increasingly faced with the possibility of high profile criminal, commercial and patent cases that hinge on evidence from electronic documents, from emails, and even from social network comments. So these records need to be “discoverable” and presentable to regulators and lawyers. And as the argument moves on from “how do we keep stuff?” to “how can we defensibly get rid of stuff?”, we need to examine what shape enterprise records management takes and, in the big data age, how do we keep a lid on the escalating costs of content storage?

Join us at 11 ET this Thursday, June 12. We'll discuss:

1. Privacy and security concerns from customers will force organizations to embrace governance.
2. There will be an IG talent shortage
3. The Internet of Things will push governance boundaries to a micro-content scale that is massive
4. The cost to manage information on cheap storage will rise so that organizations have to pay attention to governance.
5. The volume, variety, and velocity of info will kill manual processes for info management
Bonus round:
6. Governance will be driven by analytics.
7. The siloed nature of content and info management systems will prevent implementation of comprehensive governance plans.​

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Need inspiration? Download Automating Information Governance here.

And take a look at this short slideshare presentation from our last #infochat on governance.



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What’s the AIIM Infochat (#infochat to follow the discussion. The best way I’ve found to follow one of these is Twubs or You can join our #infochat Twub at: Sign in using your twitter handle, type ideas/strategy/tips/suggestions/tools/trends, and emerge a little bit more knowledgeable at the other end of the hour. While we know it’s only 140 characters at a time, we want to generate questions and discussions about how to REALLY make the business processes work

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