9 Collaboration Things to Know

By Bryant Duhon posted 05-14-2014 17:26


Working together is hard enough when everyone is in the same room; working on ideas together on a whiteboard. Throw in egos and culture and conflicting schedules and workloads and it gets even harder. Now, add in a dispersed workforce and content spread across shared files (c’mon, you know you still have them) plus on the cloud and on various mobile devices – just to compound everyone’s “email as file folder” issue; and you’ve got real collaboration challenges.

Here are some highlights from AIIM’s most recent Industry Watch, Content Collaboration and Processing in a Cloud and Mobile World.


The most important features to support collaboration are sharing of documents, workflows for comments and approvals, and project sites. Content access from mobile devices is also a key enabler. Tweet this stat! 

Consumer file-share and sync services are banned in 56% of organizations, although only 27% actually restrict access. 20% know their policy is being circumvented, and 30% have no policy. 23%provide an approved business grade alternative. Tweet this stat! 

Ownership is the biggest concern regarding a formal collaboration system, along with managing which content can be accessed by whom. There is also concern over duplicating repositories. Tweet this stat! 

The most likely reason for non-adoption is that no one is taking the initiative. 22% don’t want their content shared around. 16% are confused by the options and pace of change. Tweet this stat! 

49% have chosen to use the standard collaboration functions of their existing ECM/DM system or will upgrade to a cloud version of it (13%). 17% are looking to a new cloud-based system linked totheir existing ECM/DM, or a new cloud and on-prem hybrid. Only 10% are using, or plan to use, a standalone cloud system. Tweet this stat! 

Security is even more important than functionality when it comes to selecting a collaboration system. Next comes price, then compatibility with existing ECM/DM systems. Tweet this stat! 

49% allow mixed personal and company use for mobiles, but only 20% of these are true BYOD. 22% restrict or ban company content on mobile. 20% have no official policy. Tweet this stat! 

Fewer than 25% have any document create, edit, or workflow capability on mobile, although 85% would like to have it. 48% have view-only access on mobile. Tweet this stat!


Two Recommendations

  • Be aware of those areas of your business where collaboration is crucial, and focus in particular on collaboration with external partners and third parties.
  • Assess the degree of technical support that you are providing, with reference to the functions, facilities and above all, simplicity of many modern collaboration and ECM systems.

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