AIIM 2014 – A Few Quick Day 1 Thoughts

By Bryant Duhon posted 04-02-2014 09:49


I’m biased, but I really enjoy the location and the all-in-one aspect of the conference floor.

The AIIM14 app, despite a few glitches, has been a hit. Thank you all for sharing you thoughts and photos.

Guy Kawasaki is an, ahem, enchanting speaker.

For me, the key takeaway from his Keynote is that it’s not the bit and bytes (and the ability to manipulate those bits and bytes) that are what we sell: we sell a story. We should be selling the ability to manage our information better/faster/cheaper (to steal an expression that Mike Alsup used to say frequently).

What’s the impact on the customer? What’s the impact on the bottom line? What are the real measurements that ring true and matter. As Kawasaki noted, a bag of chips might say 300 calories on the serving size, but a more relevant measurement might be that you need to run for 3 miles to balance out that crunchy goodness.

Rather than recapping the keynote, I’m just going to point you to Lane Severson’s recap (Lane’s from Doculabs), who already did that better than I would have: Guy Kawasaki - the art of changing hearts, minds, and actions.

I sat in for a few minutes on Sherri Adame’s session on information governance and the use of community. Her focus was on using community to communicate and bring together all of the moving parts needed to create and implement a governance plan. I particularly liked her point number 5: Keep the Faith. Keep plugging away. Keep communicating. Keep determining common definitions so you’re speaking the same language. You can also read Sherri’s preview post; Developing an Information Community

I passed by Pam Doyle’s roundtable on Information Governance. Wow. Was a teaming mass there – politely trying to determine how to get the attention of senior management. One common theme was expressed by a voice from the crowd: best in class organizations need information governance.

The rest is details :)


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