Improve Efficiency With Consolidated Output Management

By Bryant Duhon posted 09-18-2013 14:27


Output=print – right? Wrong! These days it can be email, PDF, Web, mobile, SMS, or even Twitter. Customers want to send you stuff in a multi-channel way, and they also want to receive stuff from you on their channel of choice. But each communication must be consistent, compliant, and archived, and the chances are that the way you are doing output now is a hodgepodge of print-streams, email merges, and self-developed “processes”.

Join Doug Miles, AIIM’s Director of Market Intelligence, as he explores this topic in this AIIM webinar. You’ll learn how a consolidated output management system can remove vulnerabilities AND add value as a source of business intelligence.

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Here’s a preview of what you’ll learn.

Q: Why should an organization care about optimizing their print streams? I’m guessing we’re a ways away from the joys of greenbar paper . . .

Miles: Well paper isn’t going away, but most organizations have implemented outbound e-media to meet the current need. The problem is that they probably haven’t done this within an integrated output management environment, so they struggle to move customers seamlessly across, there is usually a lot of technical involvement with multiple templates and so on, and they may also be non-compliant when it comes to archives.

Q: The subtitle of the report from which this webinar is based is “so much more than print.” Are organizations losing opportunities by not effectively managing this content?

Miles: Well the first thing is to say that if the faster you can move away from paper the sooner you’re going to save money, but if your help desk staff can also access the output archive immediately, they will see what the customer sees, so it improves service levels. You can also run content analytics, or dare I say, Big Data tools across the archive, and monitor trends, segment customers, and detect non-compliance, or possibly fraud.

Q: What’s the first step to moving from a hodgepodge of cobbled together outputs to a single, consolidated, well-managed output?

Miles: Audit what you are doing now – how many places do you output things? How robust (or simple) are these processes. Do you consolidate different lines of business? How would improved workflow management reduce mistakes, improve utilization, and better manage bottlenecks. Now build a business case around these issues and take it to senior management.

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