#infochat: SharePoint, ECM, and Choices

By Bryant Duhon posted 02-20-2013 15:14


We often touch on SharePoint, on these blogs pages, in our research, on our webinars, etc. We primarily do this because, despite some contrary opinions out there, a large majority of you -- our audience -- is interested in reading about SharePoint.


SharePoint isn't the be all and end all of enterprise content management. Sometimes it's a good fit. Sometimes it isnt'.

We'll spend our hour on this week's #infochat talking about when it's not a good option and what some of your other options could be. 

Join us Thursday, January 21 at 11 am EST. Should be a fun one. 

Have a question you want to have included? Drop me a line or include it in the comments below.

What’s a Tweet Jam
Musicians jam together by riffing off of a common theme; playing off of each other to create something unique and learning from each other as they do. With Twitter, we can do the same, 140 characters at a time. A tweet jam is a fast-paced conversation around a topic. It is simply a time and a place to gather on Twitter around a hashtag topic and learn from each other. Anyone can ask, or answer, a question.

What’s the AIIM Infochat (#infochat to follow the discussion. The best way I’ve found to follow one of these is Sign in using your twitter handle, type 

ideas/strategy/tips/suggestions/tools/trends, and emerge a little bit more knowledgeable at the other end of the hour. While we know it’s only 140 characters at a time, we want to generate questions and discussions about how to REALLY make the business processes work

How Do I “Watch?”
It’s easy. Log in to Twitter (or your favorite Twitter front end; I like Hootsuite). Then use the hashtag #infochat into the box at the top of the screen, and tweetchat will follow the discussion – best of all, without you having to remember to put in the hashtag every time you write a new tweet.

We do have a few rules

1.     Have fun. Tweetchats are fast-paced and fun. Dive in, ask questions, respond to comments you agree/disagree with – don’t be a wallflower (Twitflower? Chatflower? Whatever, come on in, the water’s fine.)

2.     Don’t sell and keep focused on the topic. Anyone, from any organization is welcome to #infochat with us. But, in the confines of the #infochat, while I’m sure your product is the best thing since bacon salt, no one cares. If you do sell/mention your product, you will be ignored and/or mocked.

3.     Stay focused. We’ll do one of these nearly every week (and AIIM has webinars on a variety of topics too); so we’ll touch on many topics throughout the year. Stay on topic. Visit our community on LinkedIn if you’d like to start a conversation on a different topic.

4.     Questions are numbered. Q1, Q2, etc. Please label responses to the question, A1, A2, etc. In a hectic environment, this does help keep track.

a.     Q1 What did you have for lunch today? #infochat

b.     A1 I wanted to have a meat pizza dipped in batter and deep fried, but I had a salad with low-fat dressing instead. #infochat

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