The Real Power of Capture, an AIIM13 Q&A

By Bryant Duhon posted 01-16-2013 13:03


In this AIIM Conference 2013 Q&A, Martyn Christian discusses the real power of information capture; the value of being a Certified Information Professional; and the coming growth of capture combined with mobile devices.

Martyn Christian is Chief Marketing Officer for Kofax. He is responsible for all marketing initiatives, including brand, product, industry, and field marketing functions. Martyn has more than 25 years of marketing and general management experience within the software industry, including marketing roles with IBM and FileNet. Martyn is a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and is a Fellow and former Chair of AIIM.

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Duhon: For a variety of reasons, people think that scanning/capturing is a simple process (and that Neato commercial reinforces that thinking). Explain why this is wrong.

Christian: Scanning a document may look like a relatively simple process. But for an employee working in a critical-data intensive role, what happens after the document is scanned is where it gets sophisticated. The software has to capture and perfect the image of the document, and then classify, separate, extract, and validate relevant information before finally delivering it to the appropriate business process, repository, or application. It must be able to handle every format, including mail, email, or fax, and at a high volume. A smart system is able to capture and deliver information into an ongoing process without causing any delays. All this needs to happen in a completely automated, touchless manner. It only looks simple because we’re doing our job right.

Duhon: The value of capture used to be focused on getting rid of paper, thus reducing storage costs and providing easier access to paper. That’s steadily expanded to using capture as the start of business processes. Now, your user conference’s tagline is “Capture-enabled BPM.” For anyone still thinking capture is equal to getting rid of paper, explain the real power of capture.

Christian: The real power of capture-enabled BPM is its ability to take information through a series of steps: capture, classification, separation, extraction, validation, and communication, all designed to ensure that the information organizations rely on is of the highest quality. When organizations use information to better understand their customers’ needs and behavior, they can make informed, faster decisions and better grow their companies.

Duhon: You’re personally invested in AIIM’s CIP certification. Why? And what value does the Certified Information Professional certification bring to a) the individual and b) that individual’s organization?

Christian: Information professionals have moved beyond simply managing information. Now, global enterprises are looking for professionals who can analyze information, make it actionable, and use it to drive decisions by leveraging a combination of IT and business expertise.

Certified informationprofessionals are highly sought after by today’s enterprises and can typically command a higher salary withqualifications provided by the CIP program. The AIIM CIP program offers comprehensive, real-world training and continuous education for those organizations looking to build and leverage the role of the information professional within their respective organizations. At the individual level, the AIIM CIP credential demonstrates a mastery of industry knowledge and skills and the ability to bridge IT and business.

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Duhon: We see examples of mobile capture on TV commercials for capturing checks for personal banking. What’s going to happen with mobile capture in 2013?

Christian: Mobile capture is exploding because it has the potential to transform the way organizations interact with their customers. Customers want to use their mobile devices to start or respond to a process and get a fast, if not immediate, response. In your own AIIM survey, respondents called mobile capture a ‘game-changer’ for its ability to move the process closer to customer-facing applications. When customers are able to engage directly with a business process, they are more satisfied.

Right now, the financial industry is leading in this area but other industries are also exploring the benefits that mobile capture can bring them. Kofax launched the first capture app for the mortgage industry where consumers can easily submit trailing loan documents directly into the loan process, as well as the first fully secure mobile solution for the automated capture and processing of accounts payable (AP) information. You’ll see similar applications in healthcare, insurance, and travel and logistics.

Duhon: The digital mailroom has been an area of emphasis for Kofax. Briefly explain the concept and how Kofax provides automation.

Christian: Organizations rely on digital mailrooms to initiate work by automatically ingesting and distributing the incoming mail to departments, groups, and individuals. Kofax takes that concept one step further with our new mailroom automation solution, which provides complete visibility into incoming documents and information through real-time dashboards. Information can be tracked, reviewed, and modified by any authorized user at any point in the business process without disrupting ongoing processes. This is especially valuable in customer-facing applications, which can now be closely monitored for better control and a better customer experience.

Duhon: Your time in this industry goes back to when we owned the “original” AIIM Show and Conference. What’s different between those olden days and today’s event?

Christian: The show has evolved right along with the industry. In the early days, we focused on managing systems of record. These monolithic systems are now surrounded by more agile systems of engagement; systems in which the focus is high quality, readily available information that are used to serve customers, make faster and smarter decisions, etc. The AIIM Conference has showcased this evolution and will continue to be the place to be to learn about what’s next on the technology horizon. The AIIM Conference offers an outstanding lineup of expert speakers, training programs, and networking events—tremendous value is offered here.

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