#infochat:: Social in the Flow

By Bryant Duhon posted 01-14-2013 14:16


What exactly is: "Social in the Flow”? Of course, you’ve heard of social business by now. While there are still arguments over what social means and why you should do it; the smarter companies are having a different conversation – how do we effectively adapt and use social for business? How can you improve collaboration internally with a social tool like Yammer? Can you improve customer service with Twitter? How has a simple tool like Skype improved (or not) collaboration with parters or co-workers?

Join us for our #infochat this Thursday, January 17 at 11 a.m. EST to talk about it. Join our panelists, and the rest of the twitterverse, for a discussion about what it means to have “social in the flow”:

  • Dave Jones, Market Analyst, AIIM – and Author of the Social in the Flow Industry Watch Report.
  • Hanns Kohler-Kruner, Research Director at Gartner for Content, Collaboration & Social


Here’s the draft list of questions (in no particular order). What would you like to discuss? Comment below or email me at

1.      When you hear “social”, do you think waste of time or increased productivity?

2.      What business processes can social be integrated into?

3.      How have you improved collaboration using a tool like Yammer?

4.      How does/will social and ECM intersect?

5.      [your question here]

If you haven’t yet, take a look at AIIM’s industry watch, Social in the Flow, and see how social tools are being used now.

What’s a Tweet Jam
Musicians jam together by riffing off of a common theme; playing off of each other to create something unique and learning from each other as they do. With Twitter, we can do the same, 140 characters at a time. A tweet jam is a fast-paced conversation around a topic. It is simply a time and a place to gather on Twitter around a hashtag topic and learn from each other. Anyone can ask, or answer, a question.

What’s the AIIM Infochat (#infochat)?
Simple really: managing information (well) is, to understate it, somewhat complex. We want to get together regularly (look for a schedule soon), kick around ideas/strategy/tips/suggestions/tools/trends, and emerge a little bit more knowledgeable at the other end of the hour. While we know it’s only 140 characters at a time, we want to generate questions and discussions about how to REALLY make the business processes work

How Do I “Watch?”
It’s easy. Log in to Twitter (or your favorite Twitter front end; I like Hootsuite). Then use the hashtag #infochat to follow the discussion. The best way I’ve found to follow one of these is Sign in using your twitter handle, type #infochat into the box at the top of the screen, and tweetchat will follow the discussion – best of all, without you having to remember to put in the hashtag every time you write a new tweet.

See you Thursday!

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