AIIM Fellow Pam Doyle: Capture Goes Strategic and Lifelong Learning

By Bryant Duhon posted 06-04-2012 13:21


Pam Doyle; Director, Worldwide Spokesperson, Fujitsu Computer Products of America; has been an AIIM advocate for years. She has recently served as Director-at-Large on the AIIM Board from 2007 to 2009; and has served on the Nominated, Ad Hoc Standards, and Finance Committees. She was Chair of the AIIM Advisory Trade Member council from 2005 to 2007 and continues to represent Fujitsu there. She is a tireless educator and advocate for AIIM and the ECM industry. She is a subject matter expert for AIIM’s Certified Information Practitioner certification.

Bill Neale, AIIM Fellow and Award of Merit recipient, sums it up best: Pam’s tireless dedication to the industry and AIIM, her contributions to the education of so many, and her expertise make her an excellent candidate for induction into the AIIM Company of Fellows.

Congratulations on becoming an AIIM Fellow, Pam. And Thank you.

Duhon: You’ve seen the scanning industry go from touting speeds and feeds to focusing on value of removing paper from business processes (not to mention capture apps on a phone); what do you find most interesting about scanning/capture?

Doyle: That it consistently delivers substantial and verifiable return on the investment. Capture continues to help organizations’ cut costs, do more with less, expedite business processes, improve customer service and helps them demonstrate regulatory compliance. Year after year industry studies reveal organizations equal or exceed their expected return on the investment and most report they achieve complete payback within twelve to eighteen months.

Duhon: What’s the most interesting aspect of the industry today?

Doyle: That capture remains relevant today and is still best practice as organizations continue to move toward a paperless environment. What is most interesting today is seeing capture carve its place in strategic technological initiatives such as capturing legacy information for big data, enabling the growing mobile workforce and capturing data to the cloud.

Duhon: What’s your favorite part about being a Worldwide Spokesperson? Which is a cool title to have.

Doyle: Having the opportunity to do anything on a global scale is very exciting. I feel very blessed to be able to travel and promote a technology that I’m truly passionate about. It’s been extremely rewarding to see the adoption grow from North America to the Rest of World.

Duhon: In addition to your official job title for Fujitsu; you’ve also been called a Worldwide Industry Evangelist. You do a fantastic job of separating industry education from your official role; how do you walk that line so well?

Doyle: All credit is due to Fujitsu who has allowed and encourage me to be vendor neutral and to speak from the 35,000 foot level.

Duhon: Education is a clear thread throughout your career and nomination letters. What is it about education the industry that you enjoy so much?

Doyle: I’ve always wanted to be a teacher. I wasn’t able to obtain a formal education but didn’t allow that to deter me from achieving my lifelong aspiration. While I love to learn, I love even more to help others learn. For me there is nothing more rewarding then to empower people with new knowledge.

Duhon: What was your best day at work? Worst?

Doyle: I don’t know that there was a particular day that was the worst or best but rather a period of time. At one point in my career my focus was shifted to research and development. I actually designed the user interface for a major word processing product. While this was very challenging I was very unhappy because I really missed educating. Refocusing on educating was the best decision I could have made.

Duhon: What are you proudest of?

Doyle: From a career perspective, I would have to say having the privilege of training over a thousand individuals in this industry in the last six years. Given the size of our industry, that is a substantial number of individuals to have had the opportunity to meet, to teach, and to learn from.

Duhon: What is the value of training? And AIIM Training in particular?

Doyle: The AIIM training courses empower our partners to be more successful in delivering capture and Enterprise Content Management solutions. The more knowledgeable our partners are the more successful they will be in deploying solutions that best meet the customer needs. If we effectively solve customer problems, the industry will continue to grow. It’s a win-win value proposition.

Duhon: Why are you an information professional?

Doyle: To set an example. I believe the new Certified Information Professional credential will help people better understand how information technology can be leveraged to manage their valuable information asset It also helps them recognize the need to manage all content including electronic, email, paper, mobile and social. For individuals the new CIP enhances their value to their employers and clients.

Duhon: What does it mean to you to be an AIIM Fellow?

Doyle: I’m truly honored. I’ve dedicated a major portion of my career to this industry and to receive such a distinguished industry designation is incredibly rewarding.

Duhon: Why should anyone be involved with AIIM as a member?

Doyle: As our industry association, AIIM is a valuable resource for information including training, white papers, and market intelligence. AIIM is also a community that provides both in person and online venues for networking. Individuals in our industry also have a responsibility to contribute to its growth and AIIM provides opportunities to serve and better the industry through participation in local and national committees.

 Just for fun:

Duhon: What are your three favorite websites?

Doyle: - to monitor the JETS games when they not nationally televised, to research everything from the industry to buying a new car and

Duhon: What are the three greatest books ever written—and what’s on your nightstand today?

Doyle: The Bible, A Purpose Driven Life, and The Ultimate Question. I’m currently reading James Collins’ Good to Great.

Duhon: What are the three greatest movies of all time—and what’s the last one you’ve seen?

Doyle: Titanic, A League of Their Own, and The Blind Side. The last one I saw again and again was The Blind Side.

Duhon: What was your first concert—and what are the three greatest songs on your iPod?

Doyle: First concert was Barry Manilow. Three greatest songs are Amazing Grace, On the Road Again, and This is the Moment.

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