Big Data Haiku - Vote for your favorite

By Bryant Duhon posted 03-05-2012 15:53


It is time to vote for your favorite Big Data / Whole Lotta Data Goin' On haiku. I couldn't settle on 3, so I'm turning it over to all of you. Vote early; vote often. Bragging rights, pride, and a gift card are on the line.

Dump it on me, bro. | Mine it, will I try to do | Forsooth, there’s too much. By Chris Walker
Please Help Me Find It | I know it's out there somewhere | Seems my search tool sucks. By Ron Miller
oh simplicity | your trees: how I yearn for thee | through data's forest By Michele Kersey
Big, enormous, huge |Monstrous, unending, massive|Tiny bytes pile up By Donna Steinwand
Tera and peta |Accumulate to exa|Many heads hurting By Dan Antion
Data scientists | Pig out and break into hives | Hadoopalooza By IBMbigdata
It was a mountain |When I was at the bottom|Now it is a view By Leslie Fisher

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