With Apps for Your Phone, Capture Is NOT Just About Paper

By Bryant Duhon posted 02-21-2012 22:07


AIIM Expert Blogger Joe Budelli discusses the ONE misconception about capture he’d like to clear up; the excitement of mobile capture apps; and the SoLoMo convergence in this AIIM 2012 Q&A.

Joe is Senior Vice President of Sales for ABBYY USA, an industry-leading technology company providing document conversion, data capture, and linguistic software. In this role, he is responsible for customer development in North America, Latin America, Japan, and Taiwan. Joe currently serves as the North American Chairman for AIIM Trade Members and is a member of the International Board of Directors.

Meet Joe at AIIM 2012 on Tuesday, March 20 at 5:00 when he presents:

Four Steps to Automation

Duhon: People seem to equate capture with paper, but it’s more than that. How can capture tools streamline business processes (and keep digital content from ever touching a paper)?

Budelli: Capture isn’t about paper. It’s about the information of the person capturing it, the location it was captured in, and the intent of why the document was captured in the first place. Beyond the physical paper, there is meaning tied to documents and a purpose for being captured; that meaning and purpose are what help streamline the business process.

Duhon: What is a common pain point for you customers as they struggle to effectively manage their content and documents?

Budelli: The most common pain point for customers is having the time to read what they capture, before or after it was captured. There is a need to be able to truly understand what the context of a document is while they are capturing it, because without understanding, it can’t be discovered at a later date. When thinking about the process, customers need to know how to pull information out of a document, so it can be accessed at a later date. With a true understanding of a document before it is captured, it can effectively be utilized at a later time.

Duhon: Mobile capture is exciting. What are some of the applications?

Budelli: One of the most exciting things I am seeing in capture is the vast array of applications from a mobile, out-of-office standpoint. Mobile phones can be used to capture business cards, receipts, and other paper based artifacts. Additionally, beyond the smartphone, there is a great amount of application opportunity in our physical environments. It is interesting to think about video at a traffic light, where license plate, date, time, etc., can be captured; or a camera at port authorities where vessel and shipment information can be captured.

Duhon: When I started in this industry 17 years ago, I couldn’t have imagined a capture app for my phone. What does your TextGrabber app do?

Budelli: Nor could I. TextGrabber is the quickest way to extract information from physical environments and turn it into something else. You can use it to turn images of books, magazines, ads, and more into information for emails, as well as to use as a search term to conduct a Web search, to copy as a note to save in your phone, or to translate into another language.

Duhon: What is the ONE misconception about document/data capture that you’d like to clear up?

Budelli: The one misconception that I would want others to think about is that “capture has to be expensive.” There are many opportunities to implement capture strategies, and they aren’t all expensive. At ABBYY, we even have distributed models and improving processes, which still do data capture, and we charge on a per user model, which isn’t as expensive as one would think.

Duhon: What excites you most about the convergence of social, local, and mobile?

Budelli: Real life applicability excites me most about the convergence of social, local, and mobile. Take receipt capture for example. Let’s say you are at a restaurant and you have a great meal. With the convergence of social, local, and mobile; you can capture a picture of the receipt with your mobile phone, post it on Facebook, write a review, have your location geo-tagged, show what you ate, how much you spent, etc. Then your friends will know you are in the area, can use this as a reference for future visits, and much more.

Hope to see you in San Francisco!

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