Giving Up Bad Content Management Habits for Lent

By Bryant Duhon posted 03-15-2011 00:16


Growing up, I was raised in a Catholic family and attended private Catholic schools from 1st to 12th grade, excepting my freshman year. After the excitement and fun of Mardi Gras (after growing up in southwest Louisiana, I am STILL horrified that the rest of the country actually works on Fat Tuesday), throughout my childhood and early 20s, I was always giving something up during the Lenten season: gum and candy when I was younger (though I occassionally tried to define that down to Bubble Yum or Red Hots, my Mom was definately a fan of the big bucket theory of categorization when it came to Lent); beer and whiskey in my 20s.

I started thinking that maybe we could slightly bend the idea of Lent and also give up bad habits; bad habits when it comes to work. Specifically, bad habits when it comes to managing information, content, documents, knowledge, data -- pick your favorite word that describes what we do in this industry.

Let's start a list of things we need to stop doing that will improve the way information is managed for us and for our organizations. Maybe we'll find some strength in learning that "I'm not the only one that needs to stop doing that." Whatever "that" might be.

I have a few:

1. This one is personal. I will not write to-do lists and ideas on multiple random sheets of paper. I will continue to use my Franklin Planner. This might be heretical to some of you -- Gasp, PAPER! Yes, paper, writing it down helps me think. This does not make me old or clueless when it comes to social media -- I'm looking at you Mr. O'Leary! :)

2. I will use SharePoint and our internal collaborative tools to share documents and minimize my use of email.

3. By the end of Lent, I will have given up on my use of my inbox as a vast, undifferentated repository of ideas I "might need someday" and will zero-out my emails daily.

What can you give up?

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