Records Management Templates -- Which One Is Most Useful?

By Bryant Duhon posted 05-17-2010 13:34


We are heading into the final week of voting for the Electronic Records Management Templates. Vote for the one you believe is the most useful. Whoever receives the most votes will receive $2,000.

Below are the four submissions we recieved. Read them. Learn from them. Comment on them. Then vote on them.

After the voting concludes, we will open these documents up for editing by the community.

Email Quick Reference Guide

A Quick Reference Guide Considering Email as a Federal Record

Submitted by Ken Matthews, ERM, Program Manager eRecords Program USAID

Template for an Electronic Records Management Program

Submitted by Gordon E.J. Hoke, Certified Records Manager

Quick Process for Records Discovery

Submitted by Sanooj Kutty

Records and Information Management Scorecard

A tool for evaluating the state of electronic records and information management practices

Submitted by Allen Lazzara

You've read them. Now vote to determine the community's favorite.

Vote for the best ERM template.

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