Happy Friday: A word on wikis and worst cubicles ever

By Bryant Duhon posted 05-07-2010 15:24


First off, welcome to the AIIM community. It’s been an interesting, enlightening, aggravating—and FAST—journey to get where we are right now. I’ll say this often: this is your community. Any comments, criticisms, or witticisms are welcomed.

I know a fair number of you, Howdy. Looking forward to “meeting” the rest of you in the coming months. Thanks to all of you who are here and for your activity. A special thanks to all of our bloggers for their time and insights. Let’s keep the momentum going. Follow us (OK, me) on Twitter: See something you like; spread the word. If you can, link back to us. Forward articles to your co-workers. This community is sorta like email. Anyone remember when you were the only person in your group of friends with a Hotmail account? Useless wasn’t it? When all of your friends got email accounts (AOL, Gmail, Netscape, whatever), it became much easier to, oh, put together a party on a Saturday night. While we might not be going to parties together (though if you’re ever in the DC/Baltimore area . . . ), the more our community grows, the easier it becomes to share and the greater the opportunity to learn.

Why should you edit a wiki?

I know what you’re thinking (I think it too): who am I to edit this wiki page? What do I know?

Well, chances are, if you’re here, you know a lot.

A wiki is meant to be updated and commented upon by the community. Me, I don’t know the practical realities of how you do your jobs. I know WHAT your issues are. And I have a sense for what’s important. But I really don’t know HOW you get done what you get done (especially on the records management side of these communities – though I do think I could take a good crack at putting a retention plan or taxonomy together if I had to). I know how to put together a magazine. Create a webinar. Write a newsletter. Edit/manage a poster through to completion. I could (and have) commented on a wiki/discussion devoted to editing/writing.

You just have to sit back, grab the negativity by the throat, be willing to expose yourself a little, and then just go for it. Share what you know. Someone may agree (which feels GREAT), confirming what you know. Someone may disagree (which feels not so great), but is also a fabulous way to learn. You will either hone your knowledge and point of view by making your point more clearly and concisely. Or, you might find out that someone has a better idea. Either way, life is good – you just increased your understanding.

So what are you waiting for? Go show off what you know in either/both the Enterprise 2.0 wiki or the ERM wiki.

The World’s Worst Cubicles

I recently stumbled across a link to two contests: one run by Wired (“Winner” of the Saddest Cubicle) and the other run just up the road from me by the Baltimore Examiner (Worst Cubicle in the World).

There’s no real link to anything we’re doing other than to say that the technologies of Enterprise 2.0 (and the glory of wireless connection) give us the capability to escape the cube farm (I’m literally writing this on my patio, enjoying some fresh air). Just enjoy the pics. I did.  

Have a great weekend, everyone, and wish me luck as I attempt a 5 mile run tomorrow. I may or may not be around Monday.


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