6 Home Décor Ideas to Relieve Anxiety

By Brandon Burke posted 07-08-2020 13:26


Your physical environment has an impact on your mental wellbeing and anxiety is a common mental health condition experienced by many people today. There are some changes you can make in your home that could help you feel calmer, reduce your stress levels and even reduce some of your symptoms. 

  1. Bring in some plants

Spending time in nature is known to reduce anxiety and bringing plants into your home is one of the best ways to decrease stress levels. Whether you have space for a whole variety of potted plants or only have room to grow some herbs on your kitchen window, bringing greenery into your home will have a positive effect on your mind and body. 

Many indoor plants, such as the snake plant, have air-purifying qualities and can pull most toxins out of the air. Place succulents that release oxygen in your bedroom to help you feel refreshed while sleeping. 

  1. Let natural light in

University of Pittsburgh researchers found that hospital patients exposed to more natural light suffer less stress and pain. If you have curtains, they may let in too much light when open but block out natural light when closed. Certain blinds offer a third option. 

You can keep them in the position where they filter glare but still allow natural light into a room. Blinds Direct sells many types of blinds that will allow natural light into the room and help relieve stress.

  1. Use the right wall colours

If you choose bright, eye-catching colours for your walls, they could ramp up your anxiety levels. Bright colors like yellow or orange act as stimulants. Blue is a colour that is proven to reduce your blood pressure and make you feel less stressed. 

This is why blue is often used in bedrooms as the soft colour is relaxing. Soft, muted tones like lavenders, blues, whites, and beiges will help make your home a tranquil place. 

  1. Get rid of clutter

A cluttered, messy home can aggravate your anxiety. Research has found that levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, are higher in mothers who live in cluttered homes. Investing in more storage options could offer a solution for clutter as well as selling or donating items that are no longer used. 

Marie Kondo suggests getting rid of everything that doesn’t ‘spark joy’. Put aside a little time every day to sort through clutter and reduce it so the project doesn’t seem so overwhelming. 

  1. Introduce a soothing aroma

An at-home oil diffuser can help you introduce essential oils into your home. There are many essential oils that help to reduce anxiety, including lavender and rose. Lavender can lower your blood pressure and your heart rate. It calms your nerves, makes you less restless and will improve the quality of your sleep. 

 Rose essential oil is extracted from rose petals and it can soothe headaches and balance your hormones. It is known for strengthening your heart at times when you’re suffering grief or high stress. Jasmine essential oil can detox your respiratory system, act as a natural sedative, and improve your mood and energy levels. 

  1. Use comfortable, lightweight bedding

Your bed is probably your most cherished space so it is very important that it is comfortable and cozy. This is where you unwind and relax before going to sleep every night so uncomfortable, coarse bedding won’t do anything to soothe your anxiety. Invest in quality bedding that is lightweight on your skin and pleasing to touch. Creating an untroubled sleeping space is essential to your wellbeing.