Beefing Up the Security of Your SaaS Product

By Brandon Burke posted 05-12-2020 14:20


Providing software as a service requires you to use the latest IT solutions on the system itself and also the company website. One of the primary concerns you should have is the security of the system since it may be used to store sensitive data. 

You should take practical measures to continually improve the system's security and keep it up to date with the latest industry trends. Here are 5 practical measures you must consider now.

Gaining the customer’s buy-in

The daily users of your SaaS product should have the same values as you on matters regarding security. That is important because they are the ones most at risk of being targeted and attacked by cybercriminals. Therefore when on-boarding clients, make them see the importance of keeping up with the latest security trends. 

That applies mostly to creating strong passwords and controlling access to parts of their website or app they want to restrict to employees only. You can train the customers and periodically provide them with valuable how-to information that will help sharpen their security skills.

Working towards getting SOC-2 compliance and retaining it

SOC-2 compliance is essential for SaaS companies because it enforces good security practices. These include incident management, proactive alerts on potential attacks, and many other useful techniques. Above that, customers will trust you more if your business has this certification. 

To get this certification, you should get SOC 2 compliance software that will conduct audits on the business’ behalf. Solutions from JupiterOne can help with getting the SOC-2 compliance and retaining for as long as they are still active. There are more benefits to this compliance because it will also minimize the risks of being massively affected by a DDoS attack.

Periodically update and upgrade the system’s infrastructure

Updating your system’s infrastructure to match current industry requirements is a no-brainer. Although businesses may have an idea that they should periodically update their system, they might not know what to improve exactly. The updates should be triggered by running assessments and identifying areas that should be improved. 

Therefore, running audits on both the site and system will help you identify what to update or upgrade. Do not neglect the data centers you manage and always backup the data because that is the heart of your SaaS operation. 

It does not matter how small your clientele or the overall business is, these servers play a critical role in backing up customer information. That makes it important to keep them safe from the latest sophisticated attacks.

Segregating the networks you use

You should avoid using the same networks for all your business needs. It is crucial to take note of this since you work with managing customer data. Segregating the networks you use is a good security practice because it minimizes the chances of being hacked using the workplace network that services customers. 

You should avoid making the company’s Wi-Fi accessible to the general public. Rather have a separate network for customers and one to conduct daily business activities. Also, be careful when using public wireless internet not to endanger customer data in any way.

Train the entire staff

Your staff may also be another weak point that cyber attackers can target, which makes it important to provide training to the employees on the network. Train them on advanced security tactics that will improve the safety of the data stored on the company’s system. 

It is important to make this training inclusive to every employee, regardless of what position they hold in the company because security should be everybody's concern in your company.