Five Signs It’s Time to Be Your Own Boss

By Brandon Burke posted 08-28-2019 17:34


Self-employment is the dream for most working-class citizens and some are already starting their businesses. Setting your own shifts and not working under constant pressure from demanding employers sounds very convenient.

However, some have been wondering if it is the right time to do so as many concerns race through their minds. So, how do you know when to leave your job and start your own business? Here are five signs that show if it’s time to be your own boss.

If you don’t stop thinking about it

When the thought of being your own boss and envisioning your business won’t stop, it probably means it is meant to be. If you also don’t stop thinking about it despite knowing about concerns like it’s too late to start your business or you lack capital, it manifests your determination. 

Most importantly, if you have researched your idea and showing progress day-by-day, you should put more thought into taking the leap.

If you also have sacrificial thoughts of leaving your job placement, invest more time into understanding more business principles and establish a plan of action.

You don’t like climbing up the ladder

Working in the corporate sector builds up the desire of climbing up the corporate ladder and assume leadership positions. Although this seems interesting and meaningful, most Americans don’t like going that route anymore. So, if you feel like the same way and don’t like chasing the dream of going up the ladder, it might be fruitful for you to your own boss.

Not liking the chase of promotions and its competitiveness can prompt you to look into new-age business avenues that are both profitable and interesting. Drop shipping business, food delivery, owning a website, or an e-commerce store, being an Airbnb host are some of the hot ideas that many are encashing into. 

The competitive spirit of chasing will be non-existent, enabling you to work at your own pace without trying to prove yourself to someone else.

If you don’t fit in that industry

At work, you may be required to put up a front for you to complete your work successfully. Wearing a mask like this can be taxing because you need to prepare to be the person they expect to see at work. 

Other results of this are that you will be robbed of your joy and drift further away than who you actually are. If this description fits the situation you are in, being your own boss may be the ultimate key.

Working under no one’s supervision will enable you to be yourself during work and improve your quality of work because of the energy and enthusiasm you will show.

You are sick of it all

If you are tired of the office smell, the air conditioner temperature, the sound of keyboard keys, you are not alone. A lot of employees hate their job and would rather sit at home doing nothing than go to work. It’s a feeling that slowly creeps in if you are not enjoying the office. Some are also aggravated by their colleagues in leadership positions who are always on their case. 

If you feel the same way, branching out and starting your own venture may be the solution. Being your own boss will put you in the driver seat because you will have full control of your workspace and your breaks.

If it has negative effects on you

Working too hard can bring negative health effects on you concerning your physical, emotional and mental health. Perhaps the constant stress has caused you hypertension, chronic stress, or even serious mental issues. 

To stop this, you need to get away from that environment as soon as you can. However, there are bills to pay and maybe a family to feed, how can you make a living? Starting a business or freelancing can help you maintain your lifestyle without having to work a 9-5.