Member Spotlight: Ronald Hackbarth

By Boshia Smith posted 09-02-2021 11:05


Meet Ron!  Ron is a long-time AIIM member and found AIIM to be very influential in his career. Ron is also a CIP in which his certification as well as his membership have opened doors for him to show great leadership in his work projects.  Connect with Ron here!

Ron Hackbarth
Operations Senior Information Manager

Where do you live in? Tampa, Florida

How long have you worked in information management? Over 20 years

What does your work entail? Do you have company support? How are you helping drive the goals of your office through your work? We deal with a myriad of informational challenges. There are various levels of classification issues, foreign partners to share information with, and language barriers.  We strive every day to get the right information to the right people as quickly as possible to aid in senior-level decision-making.

What has been the biggest success in your career in information management? I don't think I have achieved it yet, I will say though, becoming a CIP was a very proud day in my career.

What’s your current biggest work challenge?

My biggest challenge is sharing information with foreign partners. We have to deal with classification issues as well as language barriers, we cannot succeed without our partners so we must strive to improve those processes on a regular basis.

What does Intelligent Information Management mean to you?

IIM means we are constantly striving to improve our processes. We are must continue to digitalize every piece of data possible. It is imperative that communicate with our peers on a regular basis to learn from one another.

What are the top 3 things you are looking to get from your AIIM membership? Peer reviews, best practices, and learning from people far smarter than I am.

What’s one thing you’re looking forward to in 2022? I look forward to completing initiatives currently in motion at work and using those initiatives to propel us into more innovation.

What is your end goal and how do you think we can help you achieve it?  I want to increase my involvement with AIIM. I am too young to think about an end goal...I just want to continue learning and getting better.

As an AIIM member, can you share how AIIM’s membership benefits helped you with your career?

Being an AIIM member and a CIP gives me a certain amount of legitimacy when I speak about Information Management. It allows me to attend meetings that I may not have been invited to in the past. Leadership will allow me leeway in our projects.