Member Spotlight: Kristen Marquez

By Boshia Smith posted 06-03-2021 13:05


Meet Kristen Marquez!  Kristen joined AIIM in February 2021, and in this short time, I really feel I've known her for years - it's her great personality:)  It's always really great to have such a connection with someone you've never met in person.  Kristen is definitely a person with patience and endurance.  Please reach out and introduce yourself to Kristen here

Kristen Marquez
Records Analyst
Company: Eastern Municipal Water District

Where do you live in? I live in Menifee, CA

How long have you worked in information management? 7 Years

What does your work entail? Do you have company support? How are you helping drive the goals of your office through your work?

My work as a Records Analyst keeps me busy! I wear a lot of hats. My days usually include:

  • Public Records Requests and legal service
  • eDiscovery
  • Administration of the District’s EDMS and Offsite storage
  • Retention, disposition, and governance of data
  • Ensure legal and regulatory compliance

Support for our Records department has been steadily growing over the past few years. We have partnered with our Information Technology department to explore new technologies that will continue to elevate, not only our department but the value of our District’s records.

What has been the biggest success in your career in information management? I have two recent successes that really stand out for me. The first was the completion of our District’s email management project. This project reigned in our email by setting retentions on sent/received emails and removing PST folders.

The second was the migration from a legacy EDMS to SharePoint. I was fortunate to be included with the IT team and assisted with the design and build phase of the project, as well as taxonomy design and migration. It was a very proud day when the new system went “live”.

What’s your current biggest work challenge? The biggest challenge that we face is change management. Most people do not care much for change (and they can sure be vocal about that fact).

What does Intelligent Information Management mean to you? Intelligent Information Management is the process, coupled with technology, that allows organizations to manage their data. The rate at which data is growing is incredible! We have seen a significant shift over the past year from paper to digital documents. Having the processes in place to handle this shift has been challenging.

What are the top 3 things you are looking to get from your AIIM membership? 

  • Connections
  • The fantastic training that AIIM offers
  • Belonging to a supportive organization

What’s one thing you’re looking forward to in 2022? I am looking forward to completing the goals I have set for myself this year and setting new goals for 2022.I am also looking forward to the AIIM 2022 conference. I really enjoyed this year’s conference.

What is your end goal and how do you think we can help you achieve it?  I want to advance my career; earn my CIP and become an SME in the areas of security and privacy. I know with the support from the AIIM community I will achieve my goals.

 As an AIIM member, can you share how AIIM’s membership benefits helped you with your career? I am a new member of AIIM, joining only a few months ago. The experience that I have had with AIIM in this short time has been phenomenal! The AIIM team is very personable and supportive. I know that I have joined an organization that will not only help me succeed but truly cares that I do.