Member Spotlight: Jill Stelter

By Boshia Smith posted 04-05-2021 09:07


This month, we're traveling north. Meet Jill Stelter, another vessel of the WIIM community.  Jill is the Information Governance & Compliance Program Manager at SnoPUD.  She says that there's no end goal for her in Information Management, so she's in it for the ride.  She's open for tips, introduce yourself here!

Jill Stelter
Information Governance & Compliance Program Manager
Snohomish County Public Utility District (SnoPUD, the nickname comes in handy)

Where do you live in? Washington State, just north of Seattle – the beautiful PNW

How long have you worked in information management? 15 years, wow that sounds like a long time!

What does your work entail? Do you have company support? How are you helping drive the goals of your office through your work?

My work as the IG & Compliance Program Manager comprised of:

  • Legal compliance and discovery
  • Technology planning, development, and compliance configuration
  • User experience and education
  • Structure and Unstructured Data governance, retention and disposition

We have a great support system in our company.  With that said, we always make sure to stay relevant with the business and technology changes so that we can contribute to the growth and play an advisory role to ensure we are on the right path for compliance.

What has been the biggest success in your career in information management? 

Honestly, making it fun and interesting and improving ease of work for people.  When most people think of information management, they usually assume that it is a very dry topic and dread the discussion.  However, by showing the users, IT, and management the benefits that come from having well-managed content with collaboration and process in mind they get excited! It’s not as scary or hard as it is assumed to be if you can help them understand the benefits that come along with the work upfront.

What’s your current biggest work challenge? 

Keeping up! With the move to remote working this past year and the way that it really highlighted the strengths that come with digitizing content and processes, we are in high demand.  The expectations of users that their work content can be accessed just as easily as their personal content is at the tips of their fingers is great for innovation and change efforts but is fast-paced and ever-changing.

What does Intelligent Information Management mean to you? 

Intelligent Information Management means creating a space that users can collaborate, easily access the right information to do their jobs all while using security and governance technology mixed with education behind the curtain to ensure compliance.

What are the top 3 things you are looking to get from your AIIM membership?

  • Connections: the best insight comes from others in our industry that are passionate about the work they do and how they do it.
  • Training: AIIM offers some great training that has already helped me and there are many more that I plan to take advantage of.
  • Foresight: AIIM does a great job of keeping an eye on the future of our industry and disseminating that information so I don’t have to chase it all down myself.

What’s one thing you’re looking forward to in 2021?  Expanding our use of O365 to really enhance cross-functional collaboration at SnoPUD, in a well-governed fashion of course.  It won’t be an easy task but I am always up for a good challenge.  If anyone has any great tips for me, send them my way!

What is your end goal and how do you think we can help you achieve it?   This one is tough for me; I don’t see an end goal in my information management journey.  Information Management is an ever-evolving and changing industry and I am along for the ride.  As for AIIM’s role in that, help! Keep sharing the good information and creating a space for industry leaders to share their knowledge.

As an AIIM member, can you share how AIIM’s membership benefits helped you with your career?

The training that I have received through AIIM has been priceless and achieving the CIP certification has helped boost my career to the level I am today.  I am also the chair of the WIIM Leadership Council, which has given me the chance to connect with so many great people no only on the topic of information management but a career, work/life balance, and networking skills that have proven invaluable over time.