Member Spotlight: Regina Martin

By BOSHIA SMITH posted 06-05-2020 09:12

Regina Martin
Meet Regina Martin!  Regina is a Records Manager/Operations Supervisor at Howard County Government.  Introduce yourself to Regina here.

Name Regina Martin
Position Records Manager/Operations Supervisor
Howard County Government

Where do you live in?  Columbia, Maryland

How long have you worked in information management? 9 years

What does your work entail? Do you have company support? How are you helping drive the goals of your office through your work?

So, we actually scan, Howard County scans records, paper and electronic. So we have the operation, a small team of people, who are responsible for ingesting that into our legacy repository archive.

What’s your current biggest work challenge?

The biggest challenge is, making sure it's easily accessible to the individuals that need it, how long to keep it. And managing it, I think we've kind of are addressing that issue, how to manage it, because we've come up with a process. "Okay, we're going to put it here. This is how long it's going to retain, in this permission-based access."

What are you looking to get from your AIIM membership?

I'm just trying to gather some information because the challenges, our records management program is kind of stagnant right now. Like it's, we're stuck. It hasn't grown as far as compliance information, governance, and compliance. Like getting, the County itself or end-users or whatever, to understand how long we need to keep information. Don't keep it longer than its needed.

Do you feel your AIIM membership is a value to you?

So, I've been a member of a lot of different factions that all kind of tie into one. So, I think I get a lot out of AIIM. I love the webinars that provided, because it's, free stuff. Being in the government sector, you don't get a chance to attend everything, because the money's not there. The VIP lounge, and all that stuff. And you guys, Boshia and Michelle and Georgina, they send out these emails on a regular, say, "Oh, this is what's going on; this is what's happening this month, I love AIIM.