Member Spotlight: Eduardo Ortiz

By Boshia Smith posted 07-01-2019 14:43


Ortiz_EduardoGet to know your AIIM Tribe.  Eduardo Ortiz is an Analyst in Records & Information Management at CenterPoint Energy Company in Houston!  I've had the pleasure of speaking with Eduardo a few times and he's definitely good energy and loves what he does:)  If you haven't connected with Eduardo before, please do so here

Eduardo Ortiz
Position Analyst, Records & Information Management
CenterPoint Energy Company

Where do you live in? Houston, Texas

How long have you worked in information management? 3 years

What does your work entail? Do you have company support? How are you helping drive the goals of your office through your work?
I serve within the Records and Information Management Department and Data Privacy Office, supporting the retention, use, and disposition of company information, evaluation of the company’s data privacy risks, and supporting the development and implementation of solutions to minimize those risks.

Leadership supports our personal and professional career goals by allocating time and resources to help facilitate consistent progression toward meeting those goals. 

CenterPoint recently acquired Vectren Energy, an Indiana-based utility, and has assembled an integration team tasked with fully completing activities associated with the merger. Almost every work area has been impacted, including Records and Information Management and the Data Privacy Office. We’re constantly looking at ways we can work more efficiently to accommodate workforce reductions and challenge innovative thinking across the company. I’ve increased my knowledge of data privacy to add cross-functional value and support broader compliance goals.

What has been the biggest success in your career in information management? 
My nomination to be part of the 2019 CenterPoint Energy Learning to Lead (L2L) class. CenterPoint created a yearlong class to train and foster future leaders of the company. This class only allows 36 participants annually and is comprised of employees from each part of the enterprise.

What’s your current biggest work challenge?
Doing more with less. We’ve welcomed additional work responsibility and look at our current work environment as an occasion for innovation and efficiency. I’ve automated certain process to eliminate manual work. I’m also creating analytics reports and visualizations to share with leadership regarding trends and possible opportunities.

What does Intelligent Information Management mean to you?
Intelligent information management means leveraging technology to help see information throughout its lifecycle, to protect the information we collect and manage, and to use it ethically. Information management is about managing the way we use, share, and keep information.

What are the top 3 things you have gotten out of being a member AIIM? 
      1. Certifications. I recently obtained the Electronic Content Management Specialist certification and I’m currently pursuing the Information Governance Specialist certification 
           by yearend.

  1. Quick Studies. I really enjoy these quick overviews. I like how quick studies offer introductory exposure to certain topics without requiring much prior competency.
  2. Community. The AIIM Blog and Discussion Forum are great resources for researching trending information management topics or looking back at how colleagues may have handled certain work challenges. There are answers available through these resources. You just have to read.

As it’s now 2019, what’s one thing you’re looking forward to in the new year?
I’m looking forward to working more and more with PowerBI and analytics.

How do you feel the training courses you’ve taken with AIIM has helped you?
My training courses have offered a foundational and in-depth knowledge that helps me communicate with leadership regarding opportunities or risk as it relates to privacy and information management and protection. 

You’ve taken a few training courses here at AIIM, how has the training helped you with your career?
The training courses have given me a detailed view of the current landscape of information management, particularly in the US, and how the discipline and definition of information professionals are changing.