Student Perspectives: An Interview with Subba Marellapudi of KPMG

By Bob Larrivee posted 08-21-2012 14:29


Many students are often open to discussing their perspectives on the training, educational experiences and value they received as a result of attending an AIIM Training program. I recently had the opportunity and pleasure to discuss these with Subba Marellapudi of KPMG and will now share our conversation with you.

Bob: Hello, I want to thank you for taking time to share your thoughts with me. For the record, can you provide my readers with some insight as to who you work for and a description of your role?

Subba: Hello Bob. My name is Subba Marellapudi. I work for KPMG. I am a Global Business Lead to a program called ‘Document Management Program’ for the firm. As a global team we set a standard to the way our professionals manage their documents during and after their engagements. This is a very crucial program that helps professionals meet risk and legal compliance. My role as a global business lead is to be able to manage the expectations of the program that satisfies 80% of the various member firms (we have around 152 KPMG firms across the globe) needs. I also look after vendor management.

Bob: When did you get the idea to make AIIM Education part of your training focus and what were the drivers for the decision?

Subba: As part of my job, I am always looking at making our existing processes better and thereby increase the productivity of the team and ultimately create standard processes for the firms. I felt a formal structured training will help me do my job better and hence decided to attend the training.

Bob: What do you see as a benefit for you and future attendees of these programs?

Subba: To understand the relationship between ECM and BPM and to be able to simplify and create efficient processes for our operations I think will help me in my job. I see that all future attendees of this program will also get benefited for similar reasons.

Bob: For the future, how do you see the role of AIIM education evolving in relation to your position and organization?

Subba: I am hoping that the skills I learned are more to do with my mindset. I see that the way I see an organization is more at a process level than just a product level vision. This will help me and my organization to stop working in silos and see across the organization to identify processes and how they can be streamlined. Of course, I am talking about a huge change management aspect here that may take a while.

Bob: Is there anything else you might want to share with our readers related to AIIM Training and how it has been of benefit to you and may be of benefit to them?

Subba: AIIM training was very well organized with content that was most relevant to the attendees. Thanks to Bob and his team for all the effort.

If you are ready to move forward and are finding yourself stuck or unfocused and are not sure where to begin or what to do next, seek professional assistance and/or training to get you started. Be sure to investigate AIIM's Business Process Management training program.

And be sure to read the AIIM Training Briefing on BPM (authored by yours truly). Click on the image to download and read.

What say you? Do you have a story to tell? What are your thoughts on this topic? Do you have a topic of interest you would like discussed in this forum? Let me know.

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