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By Bob Larrivee posted 05-17-2012 19:14


I have found that our students are often open to discussing their perspectives on the training and educational experiences of attending an AIIM Training program. I recently had the opportunity and pleasure to discuss these with John Walker of Fujitsu Enterprise Business Services and will now share our conversation with you.

Bob: Hello, I want to thank you for allowing me to interview you and for the record, can you provide my readers with some insight as to who you work for and with a description of your role?

John: I'm currently a first line manager at Fujitsu Enterprise Business Services. I manage a large team (25+) of senior DBAs and application engineers who support all the relational databases for Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina, as well as the team that supports BCBSNC's major document, content and imaging systems like Mobius, Filenet and Thunderhead.


Bob: When did you get the idea to make AIIM Education part of your training focus and what were the drivers for the decision?

John: I've relied on AIIM information, white-papers, etc. for a long time in the content management space. As my involvement in enterprise content management increased, both in terms of setting strategy, defining policies, and executing operationally, I wanted to take the next step and get some quality formal training. AIIM was my first choice.


Bob: What do you see as a benefit for you and future attendees of these programs?

John: Well, program curriculum is great but the benefits extend far beyond the classroom. Whether in class or as an AIIM member you get to be a part of a large network of folks who are not just thinking about but doing and going through the same things you are, and that's immensely valuable.


Bob: For the future, how do you see the role of AIIM education evolving in relation to you and/or your customers?

John: From e-discovery to social media, I think AIIM's done a great job of keeping up with changes in the marketplace.  I also appreciate the technology-agnostic approach. Whether it's imaging, content management, or social media, AIIM gets that success is never about the tool or the brand, but the deliberate and thoughtful approach you take in how you establish a program that values and accounts for people and process.


Bob: Is there anything else you might want to share with our readers related to AIIM Training and how it has been of benefit to you and may be of benefit to them?

John: I think I'd like to see more un-conferences, un-meetups, tweetups, etc., greater use of social media, and would like to see AIIM grow its community.  There's a lot of expertise out there, let's look for different ways to share that.


Bob: I want to thank you, for taking time to talk with me and for sharing your valuable insights and perspectives with our readers.


What say you? Do you have a story to tell? What are your thoughts on this topic? Do you have a topic of interest you would like discussed in this forum? Let me know.


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