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By Bert Sandie posted 04-27-2010 22:39


Last week, I was fortunate enough to attend the AIIM Conference in Philadelphia to deliver a keynote on Thursday morning with my friend Ryan Duguid from Microsoft. At the end of our talk, we left the audience with a number of things we are thinking about. Provided below are some of the key ideas and topics that I feel still need more exploration, thought and real world case studies to better understand:

•    Taxonomy vs. Folksonomy: What is the balance between these two different approaches to categorizing information so that users can discover, find and search information in the most intuitive fashion?
•    Application Usability: What criteria is being used to determine if applications are easy to use, fast, aesthetically pleasing and intuitive?
•    Think Users First: Are we asking our users what business problem they are trying to solve and matching solutions to meet their needs?
•    Collaboration Culture: What are we doing to change our enterprise cultures to become more collaborative?
•    Rewards and Recognition: What are the best ways to reward and recognize employees who contribute?

These are all difficult questions to answer in the realm of Enterprise 2.0 with many facets to consider including, who the users are, the context of usage, corporate culture, and the maturity of collaboration initiatives.

What are the things that you are thinking about?

In future blogs, I will look at addressing each of these “things” with some of my own real world experiences.

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