Internet of Things - The Human Side

By Auro N Chowdhury posted 10-28-2014 14:35


Talent Management

The Problem

Digital natives are fast replacing the existing workforce across the globe, cutting across continents. The challenge that every organization would increasingly face in the years to come is retaining the top talents. Unless, organizations tune deep into the personal likes, dislikes and passion of these key individuals and obfuscates the line between the official and the personal, talent loss would be a foregone conclusion.

The Proposition

Massive data collection around profiles, their liking, disliking, passion, ambition, career path, growth opportunities, tasks and activities needs to happen through formal channels (organization repository), personal data (collected through personal devices) and social sources (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.). Insights need to be developed on the existing data and Machine Learning algorithms are to be applied to predict behavior of these key individuals first to predict probable challenges that a professional might face in his or her day-to-day work and second, in his personal life. An example of a personal challenge could be a failure on an employee’s part to foresee a strike at the gas stations the next day. If an organization can collate relevant news from the external world and marry it with fuel information collected and analyzed through the person’s claims or from his or her smart automobile, in future, an alert could be thrown to warn the employee. This opens up a new dimension for the organization to come closer to an employee. Similarly, if a difficult work-related issue could be solved by involving outsiders, through mobile-based collaboration (e.g. video conferencing, co-authoring etc.) aided by suggested insights/solutions, based on historical facts, both the employee and the other participants would take a keen interest to chip in.

The Business Case

As we move towards the Internet of “things”, the value of top talents in every industry is bound to increase. Organizations would need to pay special attention to the top layer of talents. Retention can be guaranteed by offering to ease the lives of these employees both from personal and professional perspectives. While it is difficult to predict the ROI of such an idea, it is not difficult to guess the cost that organizations would pay through their inability to retain this layer. After all, what is the harm in suggesting a song to an employee before it is time for him or her to retire for the day?

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