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By Atle Skjekkeland posted 04-12-2010 11:45


The risks of mismanagement are increasing. We need to identify and manage information that has business or legal value, but also ensure information management compliance by being able to find and retrieve information on demand, control access and confidentiality, and ensure secure retention and destruction. Electronic Records Management is therefore a necessity moving forward.

As electronic information has exploded, the management of records has moved beyond just records managers. By default, records have been managed by IT departments and business units—often not well. This community will bring together EVERYONE interested in the management of records. And, with the ediscovery risks that poorly managed records can lead to, that's all of us.

This new online community for discussing technologies and best practices has the following new resources in addition to our existing webinars, training courses, research, whitepapers and articles:

  • AIIM Experts Blog – Learn and discuss news, perspectives and best practiceswith 10+ industry experts
  • AIIM Solution Reviews – Review and discuss available products and vendors
  • AIIM All You Need To Know Wiki – Share, discuss and agree upon templates and checklists
  • AIIM Networking – Find and connect with industry peers

Wrapped around these four elements is the ability for you to network with your peers. Chat. Find experts. Discuss and rate articles, vendors, and products. It's unlike anything you've ever seen from AIIM. Or anywhere else for that matter.

Our Infonomics magazine is now becoming a part of this new online platform. This means that the April issue is the last print publication of Infonomics, but you will have access to the same high quality articles from the AIIM website.

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