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The Self-Service Approach to Collaboration

It is known as a “self-service” approach to information...This self-service approach can take many forms. Example 1: The most common example in the self-service approach to data is for reporting

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Self-Service BI Hits Primetime with SharePoint & PowerPivot

Last year at the Microsoft SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas, Donald Farmer, Microsoft’s Principal Program Manager for SQL Server Analysis Services, pulled me up on stage to do a 5-minute bit on why BI Professionals should embrace, rather than fear, self-service Business Intelligence ( AKA PowerPivot )

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A Simple Case for E-Forms and Self Service

Customer self-service is a concept that I fully support...Your role model should be a company like that continues to take self-service to new levels of efficiency

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Foresight 2020

" Looking in for Number One Beyond the latest SharePoint service packs and iOS6 projections, our own cognitive tuning is on the verge of a dramatic and wholesale swap-out: from corrective vision to an augmented reality filtered through the prism of our custom settings

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