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Cloud Content Management

Cloud Content Management (CCM) is such a new subject that at the time I wrote this post there is not a Wikipedia entry for CCM

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Talking about Mobile Content Management

In the midst of this, we had a twitter AIIM ECMJam on Mobile Content Management...What is the key difference between Mobile Content Management & “normal” Content Management?

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Two AIIM Webinars and a Survey on Mobile Content Management

In a recent AIIM Webinar with Colman Murphy of Accellion on Mobile Content Management, we previewed AIIM’s upcoming Mobile Content Management global survey

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Repurposing Content

I give credit to Bob Larrivee (our instructor) and my ECM classmates for helping me to understand the concept of getting more out of your content than its single intended purpose

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Content: It’s All About (Safe) Access

In this AIIM13 Q&A, we talk about how to say “no” to the Department of No; how the workplace is changing because of BYOD (and bring your own cloud); what's next in enterprise content management; and a projection that private clouds are going to be big in 2013

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Don't put less content on your mobile sites !

So you might be wondering what is the best way to design mobile content delivery ? Well in short: don’t put less content on your mobile site, simply present it differently

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Work, Content, and the Next 10 Years -- An AIIM14 Session

First up is John Newton, CTO and Chairman of Alfresco who presented Work, Content, and the Next 10 Years The transformation of work will accelerate faster in 10 years than ever before and content will be even more important

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