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[Webinar] What Manufacturers Can Learn from Agile Retailers

Successful B2B and B2C retailers have embraced agile commerce as an end-to-end cultural shift. Understanding the processes retailers use to cut down item on-boarding time, enrich product content and prep it for merchandising across multiple channels can help manufacturers improve time-to-order...

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Activity Streams Have Great Potential for Collaboration in Manufacturing

These days, activity streams seem to be popping up everywhere in enterprise tech as vendors rush to add social features to their software. Twitter and Facebook-like streams are even starting to gain traction in manufacturing software. Two of the most prominent examples of vendors incorporating...

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Blue 2.0

In the last few months I’ve been working with a number of consumer product group (CPG) and manufacturing organizations. These are verticals that traditionally have been cold on enterprise content management (ECM) because, unlike financial services, insurance, banking, or pharma—all...

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