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Webinar AIIM True North Dec 3 - Social Media and Jurisdictional Risks: Sharing Some Lessons Learned

Dealing with distribution of content has allowed Tinu to understand the associated jurisdictional risks with multi-national and regional ownership

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Online reputation second chance

A lot of the major search engines, video distribution sites and other content providers now provides options to signal abusive content, or even have some kind of procedure to remove content from their servers

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Size doesn't matter... resolution does

These days, when reading the mobile tech blogs, I get the impression that all reviewers are interested about is the screen size, especially when talking about the rumors of the next iPhone. It seems that what everybody wants is a bigger smartphone screen, a bigger tablet screen, a bigger laptop...

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The Golden Age of Cloud Services

There are so many moving parts, so many big bets being made -- from cloud-based software distribution, identity management and storage, to the federation and portability of conversations and data across enterprise applications, whether the infrastructure is on premises in the cloud, or something in between

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Is your collaboration process letting you collaborate effectively?

Updates - to draft deliverables, to schedules, to meeting agenda - is done via email with all the benefits associated with it: people left off a distribution list, email overload generally, even worse document management courtesy of email attachments, etc

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MOSS to MOSS Resuscitation

Any glimpse into your ECM’s content distribution patterns requires third party site administration tools that can double as quality checkpoints for testing your file preparedness for migration

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