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We Have Machines That Can Do This

There are two basic math problems on the chalkboards of our earthly cosmos: A. Quantification: How much of something there is. B. Qualification: How to set up an equation that helps resolve A. The worlds of finance and budgeting revolve around A. Even the turgid arts of...

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Starting With SharePoint

SharePoint is both amazing and amazingly complex. What are your personal best practices for managing the initial deployment of SharePoint? #sharepoint #deploy #complexity #bestpractices #deployment #SharePoint

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Is SharePoint alone, enough?

Organizations are facing the reality that electronic information is or can be a record and as such are now trying to address how they will manage this mounting mass. AIIM research and in discussions I have had with students in my classes, we find that many organizations are turning to SharePoint...

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The paradox of the fileplan

I remember a workshop I ran for a client, five years ago. We had brought together a group of colleagues from across their organization. My client was looking to develop and implement a corporate fileplan to organize their records. I had been a records manager for a decade, but I was new to...

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