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The Public Value of ECM

In addition to sharing some of the experiences my organization has had in this process, my presentation at the AIIM 2014 Conference , April 1- 3 in Orlando, FL, will offer suggestions on how to make a link between internal benefits in a public organization you are striving for and the...

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Business Case: The Purpose and Benefit

Many of us have heard of or have faced the need to produce a business cases, especially for an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) project. While this is a typical request in many organizations there may not be a clear understanding of the purpose and benefit of a business case other than trying...

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SharePoint Consulting - Developing a SharePoint 2010 Steering Committee

Overview Within an enterprise SharePoint 2010 deployment, a key best practice to ensure your organization’s long-term SharePoint’s success, is the creation of a SharePoint Steering committee and engaging and\or including your organizaton’s key business and technology...

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From the Trenches – With Apologies to Don

For a variety of really good reasons, I am covering the tech-support help desk for a few weeks. I can safely say that the only people less happy about this than me, are the people who have had or will have problems during this period – I am told that I don’t have the best bedside...

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Least Content Denominator

It's 1997 and you just saw the future: your food service specials in your corporate cafeteria for the coming week. Now it's 2004 and the read/writing is on the wall: your file server has been retrofitted into its sparkling new webified front-end. Leapfrog to 2008 and HR's...

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We Have Machines That Can Do This

There are two basic math problems on the chalkboards of our earthly cosmos: A. Quantification: How much of something there is. B. Qualification: How to set up an equation that helps resolve A. The worlds of finance and budgeting revolve around A. Even the turgid arts of...

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