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Information Policy – Better Late than Never

Two weeks ago, I started working on a draft Information Policy document that should have been completed about a year ago

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Data Governance is not about Data - critical for content too

These are technology driven distinctions and should not be affecting business policy on information management. Read why here... #policy #DataGovernance #content #strategy #informationmanagement

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Information Governance…in Seven Really Difficult Steps

Step 3: Announce the Information Governance Policy You could re-work your Records Management Policy to be a more inclusive “Information Governance” policy

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A Simple Model for Information Governance, Part 3 of 3

The Board also monitors the compliance system and reports of non-compliance with applicable law and with the corporation’s policies

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Social Media and e-Discovery Solutions to Look for

Employees are creating content outside the control of corporate IT governance and compliance with corporate policy is very hard to monitor...And the retention policy or schedule of a business does not affect data located on social media sites

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For the Children

Last Week , I described my effort to begin crafting an Information Policy that will apply to one of our most recent SharePoint solutions. Eventually, I hope to have a collection of these policies bundled into a comprehensive information policy for our company

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The “four layer” model applied to unstructured content

The metric for documents could be as simple as a count (for example, the number of policies) or a combination of factors such as the number of processes covered by a particular type of policy

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Automation Should Get The Job Done And Be Defensible In Court

Instead, we are managing the process and the policies and enforcing their implementation...Today as a solution to the information explosion, organizations have decided to adopt a document retention policy and schedule

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Operational Fundamentals for Governance

These are not hard and fast rules, but areas you should consider as you build out your governance strategy to match your own unique corporate footprint -- so apply as needed: Standardize Policies and Procedures. Are your policies and procedures consistent across your organization, or are exceptions the rule?

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