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Information Policy – Better Late than Never

draft Information Policy document that...agreement that an information policy was...information policy for this collection of content...policy information. While my staff’s

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For the Children

begin crafting an Information Policy that...a collection of these policies bundled...into a comprehensive information policy the information policy, and I began guided by the information policy, and

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Information Governance…in Seven Really Difficult Steps

Policy You could re-work your Records...Management Policy to be a more inclusive &ldquo...Information Governance” policy. Or you...” policy that lays out the rules for

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A Simple Model for Information Governance, Part 3 of 3

corporation’s policies. The Board further...processes or policies. The Board also measures...with applicable law and company policy, and...and policy requirements applicable to

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Social Media and e-Discovery Solutions to Look for

compliance with corporate policy is very hard to...policy. When a business maintains social...policy or schedule of a business does not...internal policies and training programs to

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The “four layer” model applied to unstructured content

the number of policies) or a combination...processes covered by a particular type of policy...that metrics, such as a count of policies...this layer policies can be cross referenced

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Automation Should Get The Job Done And Be Defensible In Court

and the policies and enforcing their...retention policy and schedule. The purpose of...organization has a document retention policy, this...retention policy and schedule which outlines how

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Operational Fundamentals for Governance

: Standardize Policies and Procedures. Are your...policies and procedures consistent across your...policies be the reason you cannot change, but the policies that govern how

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