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Social Media Meets the Financial Services Industry (and Vice Versa): Part 2

Last week I left you with some good information about the types of rules that that the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) has issued to securities firms as guidance on the use of social media; see FINRA - Regulatory Notice 10-06 . And if you were really paying attention, you...

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Auditor or Lawyer? Which is the Bigger Fear?

Records managers can be a belligerent lot. As organizations increase their emphasis on records management, industry professionals not only have developed more confidence to speak out, but do so with stronger statements. That is good, but sometimes there is a balancing act involved for the big...

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Why Govt Websites Should Be Archived

Websites have become an integral part of every modern organization, including the government. Every day, a constant stream of information is being posted on the web. For government, every data published is considered as a Public Record, which by law should be retained and disclosed to the...

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