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Social Networking

I think like most records folks, I didn't start out to become a records manager, I sort of fell into it. In my case I worked for a software company in the industry, and around 2002 we decided to become a records management software company. I had some experience with government, both as an...

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Old School Social Networking

Last night the New England Chapter of AIIM held a holiday social event in Newton, MA. Food and drink were consumed, business cards were exchanged, conversation was had and stories were told. In this highly connected, always on, 140-character world, a nice-sized group of people slowed down, left...

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The future of social networks

Social networks have offered something truly new, the ability to communicate information seamlessly between groups and individuals...Therefore it is worth asking: how long will the public accept private or isolated social networks?

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OCR for the Social Networker

While there has been a growth in business transactions across the networks, there are still a number of people on social networking sites that are strictly there for personal use...What do you think is the next step to sharing content though OCR and social networking?

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Social Networks – Are They Only Social?

Social Networks are sure getting a lot of attention these days; and when I read about them in news or in trade journals, I am not surprised to see that the issues about social networks are varied

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Can Social Networking Enforce Content Governance?

The chasm separating excitement levels around social networking and governance could not be wider

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Silver Bullet - Real Social Networking Enterprise Value

Ubiquitous, contextual expertise location aligned with user's daily activities provides quantifiable value to businesses. In the endless quest for Enterprise 2.0 measurable value this is a silver bullet. As an organization grows, the value that an automated, contextual expertise location...

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Social networking and the retention of “e-communications”

Of course – yet the domain of electronic communications is changing so quickly and adoption of social networking for commercial purposes is rising so rapidly, the recordkeeping systems continue to lag

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