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Jeff Teper Hits SharePoint Governance ‘On the Head’

During the recent SPC11 keynote presentation, Jeff Teper of Microsoft stood tall and proud and stated: “Governance is not an issue in SharePoint 2010… we have lots of customers doing it on a large scale

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Governance, now so hip it hurts... two SharePoint experts and an innocent bystander

To re-iterate a bit from Nick and Christian’s posts, the whole reason for these commentaries was based on something Jeff Teper stated at the recent SharePoint Conference, which was as follows: Governance is not an issue in SharePoint 2010

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What role should SharePoint play in a comprehensive ECM strategy?

The role of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is well established. Smart companies realize they need to manage their critical assets – both paper based and those that are born digital – to control costs, improve profitability and to maintain compliance efforts. The role...

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I don't believe in "SharePoint governance"

At the SharePoint Conference in Anaheim last week, Microsoft VP Jeff Teper even stated that "governance is not an issue in SharePoint 2010

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The Reports of SharePoint's Death are Greatly Exaggerated

As a member of the SharePoint team I was there when we celebrated with the team gathering in Microsoft’s Building 16 to hear from the father of SharePoint , Jeff Teper

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The Big Idea - Content Governance is Coming of Age ... again

Because it validates the model Jeff Teper and team set out 10+ years ago to create a "point" where everything can be "shared" SharePoint becomes the Center of the Universe … Mobile is ubiquitous, cars drive themselves and phones without wires are used everywhere

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Forms, SharePoint & InfoPath: Perspectives for the Fiscally Responsible (Part 1)

(stay tuned for more …) [1] Jeff Teper, Corporate VP for SharePoint, Microsoft Corp. at the 2009 Microsoft SharePoint Conference #InfoPath #ElectronicRecordsManagement #forms #microsoft #SharePoint

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Vietnam, the Gulf War, Iraq and the DoD 5015.2 Standard

My father served in Vietnam in the earliest days of the war. Only a few years out of West Point, my dad advised the South Vietnamese Army on the latest military tactics to use against the Communist forces from the North. One of my father’s primary missions was supporting the defoliation...

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