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Protecting your Intellectual Property

In today’s global economy the value of an enterprise’s Intellectual Property (IP) assets is very important...Implement an Intellectual Property Protection Program to protect these important assets

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Instant Messaging Ate our Intellectual Property

As a result, most intellectual Property is flushed away in an individual’s IM cache after they've had a creative, innovative and/or problem solving conversation. One method to overcome this loss of Intellectual Property is to implement an Enterprise Instant Messaging (EIM) system like IBM Sametime or Microsoft Lync

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Improving External Collaboration in the Manufacturing Industry

The roadblocks are: fear of change, uncertainty about intellectual property rights, and a lack of design sharing technologies

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Information-Driven Business

Even those businesses that are traditionally associated with making things are less concerned with the management of the manufacturing process (which is largely outsourced) than they are on the management of their intellectual property

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Security Governance Best Practices for SharePoint 2013 & Office 365 | SharePoint Online

Protecting the content and intellectual property that is stored within SharePoint 2013 and/or Office 365 should be the number one goal of the project. Your organization’s intellectual property is what drives your business as well as what give you a competitive advantage

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Digitizing R&D: P&G's Business Transformation Success Story

She’s currently revamping the Research & Development records services to centralize and electronically deliver the most critical upstream intellectual property coming from 22 R&D facilities world-wide while launching a document management schema

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Big Data Risk Management

To be more concrete, for today’s companies, risks are in regulatory investigations and subsequent civil litigation related to export control, fraud, competition violations, bribery, privacy & data protection errors, human rights, , employee treatment, environmental damages, information security, intellectual property theft, etc

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Taking Merger Integration All the Way to the Knowledge Bank

All is fair in love, football, and mergers and acquisitions. In fact if corporations were afforded the same rights of family law as free speech, the divorce rate among agrieved merger partners could easily surpass the current American divorce rate of 45-50%. Author and organizational KM...

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New Environment for Records Management

Managing our electronic records must address the protection of intellectual property within our organizations, along with confidentiality and privacy issues that exist. Intellectual property is no longer just found on paper and, perhaps, lab books that can be housed in a secure file room or locked cabinet

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