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Musings from AIIM 2010

This year I was only able to go to the show for one day, as a day trip. This year was my 24 th show in a row. I understand next year the show will be back in DC, which will be a treat since that’s where I live. ARMA 2011 is also going to be in DC, Oct. 16 – 19. I was able to walk...

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Weather at AIIM 2010 -- Partly Cloudy

For anyone who attended the 2010 AIIM expo + conference last week you had to wonder if this were really the “SharePoint Conference”. As I walked around the expo floor, besides the large SharePoint 2010 booth from Microsoft and large adjacent KnowledgeLake booth, almost every booth...

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Things that I am thinking about…

Last week, I was fortunate enough to attend the AIIM Conference in Philadelphia to deliver a keynote on Thursday morning with my friend Ryan Duguid from Microsoft. At the end of our talk, we left the audience with a number of things we are thinking about. Provided below are some of the key ideas...

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Will the AIIM Conference be Cloudy This Year?

I am looking forward to the 2010 AIIM expo + conference this year after missing the conference the last two years. I always learn something new and it is a great chance to meet some really smart people. One topic I am interested exploring extensively is how the ECM market is responding to the ...

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Measurement Matters - And the Important Measures May Not be What You Think

For this week's blog post I was going to provide my perspective on the recently completed AIIM show but there are already so many excellent summaries out there I'm not sure what more I could add. I thought Barclay Blair's observations were particularly astute, especially as it...

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Records Management at the 2010 AIIM Show

Here is what I saw related to records management at the AIIM Show in Philadelphia: SharePoint 2010 was clearly in ascendance. The ECM Suite competitors were either barely visible as ECM players or trumpeting their abilities in the SharePoint 2010 “embrace and extend SharePoint...

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AIIM in Review: Good, Bad, and What Should be Different

Unlike many other attendees, I had no airline or per diem expenses for last week’s AIIM conference because I live in Philadelphia and the convention center is a half-hour train ride away. I figured the conference’s registration fee – as well as the opportunity cost of three...

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